SEBA Rank Holders List 2004

SEBA Rank Holders List 2004 – Check Assam HSLC Top 20 Toppers List of 2004

We are delighted to congratulate the Top 20 Toppers of the HSLC examination 2004. Their outstanding achievement is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and intelligence. Their success is a source of pride not only for themselves, but also for their families, teachers, and friends. Perhaps that is why they were able to become the Top 20 SEBA Rank Holders List of the HSLC examination in 2004.

In this article, We will explore the details of the Top 20 Toppers of the 2004 HSLC examination conducted by SEBA, including their Names, Ranks, Roll No, School Names and Districts. Before that, familiarize yourself with SEBA.

Read a brief summary of SEBA

The Secondary Education Board of Assam, best known as SEBA, is the state board that conducts the High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) examination every year for students studying in schools affiliated to SEBA.

The HSLC exam is conducted for the subjects of English, Assamese, Mathematics, Social Science, General Science, Arabic, Geography, Sanskrit, Wood Craft, Hindi, Computer Science and others elective subject. Lakhs of students from diverse ethnic groups across Assam take the exam every years.

Name of BoardSecondary Education Board of Assam (SEBA)
Name of Class10th Standard
Name of ExamHigh School Leaving Certificate (HSLC)
Type of ResultsTop 20 HSLC Toppers List 2004
SourceSEBA Official Website
Official Website

List of Top 20 HSLC Toppers 2004 (SEBA)

The meritorious candidates bring glory to their family and countrymen by obtaining the highest marks in the HSLC examination with their hard work and merit, and placing themselves among the SEBA Rank Holders List 2004.

Every years, the Names of the Top 20 SEBA Rank Holders or Toppers in the HSLC examination are published by SEBA in the “Merit List of First Ten Ranks” or SEBA Rank Holders List 2004.

The Table below shows the Top 20 Toppers of the Assam HSLC exam conducted by SEBA in 2004.
1stDebanga Raj NeogB04-342D00422004Cotton Collegiate Govt. H S School, GuwahatiKamrup
2ndSabiha SiddikaB04-646D00602004Balipara Higher Secondary School, BaliparaSonitpur
Ankita DuttaB04-094D04302004Holy Cross School, SilcharCachar
Banasmita BaruahB04-014D04632004Shankardev Sishu Niketon, BarpetaBarpeta
3rdVishal DasB04-342D3822004Don Bosco High School, GuwahatiKamrup
4thMustofa Salim AhmedB04-520D00462004Dhing K B Higher Secondary School, DhingNagaon
5thBedanta BarmanB04-585D01572004Shankardev Vidya NiketanNalbari
6thKaushik DasB04-342D02762004Don Bosco High School, GuwahatiKamrup
7thJoydeep PaulB04-094D08512004Silchar Collegiate School, SilcharCachar
8thDibyajyoti BiswasB04-096D00822004Oriental High School, SilcharCachar
9thNayan Jyoti DasB04-376D02812004Rly H S School, MaligaonKamrup
Bonny SaikiaB04-537D05682004Christjyoti SchoolNagaon
10thAmrit Pritom ChetiaB04-672D06302004Don Bosco High School, TezpurSonitpur
Nipal DekaB04-342D01032004Cotton Collegiate Govt. H S School, GuwahatiKamrup
Nabajyoti PatowaryB04-332D02932004Modern High School, GuwahatiKamrup
Kinnar SenB04-094D08582004Silchar Collegiate School, SilcharCachar
11thVishal Ch BhandariB04-104D04832004K M L F E Medium High School, BilashiparaDhubri
Bhaskar Jyoti BrahmaB04-057D09612004Bongaigaon High School (Eng Med)Bongaigaon
Partha Pratim MishraB04-584D03902004Little Flowers’ SchoolNalbari
12thKaushik TamuliB04-672D06792004Don Bosco High School, TezpurSonitpur
Poonam DasB04-387D02642004Angels’ Eng School, SoalkuchiKamrup
13thAnup SarmaB04-342D00082004Cotton Collegiate Govt. H S School, GuwahatiKamrup
Sangeeta BaruahB04-649D00822004Biswanath High Schoo, BiswanathghatSonitpur
Abhijit SipaniB04-094D03852004Holy Cross School, SilcharCachar
14thPhilip Dutta Kr GoswamiB04-152D07462004Mangaldai Don Bosco High School, MangaldaiDarrang
Rakesh HazarikaB04-569D00532004Jagara High School, JagaraNalbari
Rupjyoti DasB04-342D03422004Don Bosco High School, GuwahatiKamrup
Gauranga Nandan GogoiB04-391D00842004Shankardev Vidyaniketon, GuwahatiKamrup
Nabanita AdhikaryB04-332D05612004Axam Jatiya Vidyalaya, GuwahatiKamrup
15thDebajit SarmaB04-041D00182004Bajali Higher Secondary School, PathsalaBarpeta
16thDhritiman DekaB04-037D01442004Krishna Guru Vidyayati E M NasatraBarpeta
Atanu BasumataryB04-430D01612004St. Anthony’s English Medium School, GossaigaonKokrajhar
Biswajit SarmaB04-585D00072004Govt. Gurdon HS School, NalbariNalbari
17thAnshuman GogoiB04-465D03102004St. Mary’s School, North LakhimpurLakhimpur
Anjan Moni MudoiB04-678D01022004Hoonlal H S School, DoomdoomaTinsukia
Ramanuj GoswamiB04-282D10842004Don Bosco High School, Kuwari PukhuriJorhat
Gitashree DuttaB04-200D06552004St. Xavier’s School, DuliajanDibrugarh
Dibakar NathB04-094D08442004Silchar Collegiate School, SilcharCachar
Parvin SultanaB04-108D05652004S P English Mrdium High School, DhubriDhubri
Gayotree GogoiB04-206D02942004B V F C Model High School, NamrupDibrugarh
18thGulam Iqbal HussainB04-147D03662004Luit Vally High School,KharupetiaDarrang
Suparna DharB04-094D10052004Muktashree High School,SilcharCachar
Darshana SharmaB04-162D00552004Tangla H S School,TanglaDarrang
Bahnika SenB04-057D09892004Bongaigaon High School (Eng Med)Bongaigaon
Sananda MisraB04-333D03142004St. Mary’s English High School,Guwahati-3Kamrup
Madhumita DasB04-330D00992004Damdama H.S.School,KulhatiKamrup
Pranjal Protim BorahB04-290D04852004St.Antony’s High School,MarianiJorhat
19thNabajit NathB04-332D02922004Modern High School, Guwahati-24Kamrup
Tonmoyee GoswamiB04-245D00592004Christan High SchoolGolaghat
Sameer AgarwalB04-342D03432004Don Bosco High School, G-1Kamrup
Nishant AgarwalB04-338D02722004Happy Child High School,RehabariKamrup
Rakesh SharmaB04-353D02732004Disneyland High School,KhanaparaKamrup
Paragjyoti DasB04-353D02572004Disneyland High School,KhanaparaKamrup
Hiya BoroB04-690D01692004South Point High School,BinowanagarKamrup
Pranjit MahantaB04-672D07102004Don Bosco High School, TezpurSonitpur
Maitreyee SaikiaB04-634D02132004Holy Name SchoolSivasagar
Mrinal Kumar BorahB04-446D01142004Lohit Dikrong H S School, BihpuriaLakhimpur
Harjyoti DekaB04-580D01392004Raghunath Choudhury H S SchoolKamrup
Anirban Sen GuptaB04-599D05282004Don Bosco High School, HaflongN C Hills
Dhiraj Kumar DekaB04-064D01132004B R P L Bidlaya, DhaligaonBongaigaon
Upasana Priyambada BhuyanB04-199D03562004Little Flower High SchoolDibrugarh
Biplob Jyoti DuttaB04-175D03242004S F S SchoolDemaji
Avishek PandeyB04-096D00732004Central High SchoolCachar
20thBishal Madhab MazumderB04-584D03802004Little Flowers’ SchoolNalbari
Gunjan BhagowatiB04-342D02532004Don Bosco High School, GuwahatiKamrup
Sneha Jalan AgarwalaB04-376D08272004St. Mary’s English High School, MaligaonKamrup
Pranjal BarmanB04-342D03132004Don Bosco High School, GuwahatiKamrup
Dhrubajyoti NathB04-315D02922004Don Bosco School, BokoKamrup

SEBA HSLC Ranks holders of 2004 are an inspiration to the next generation. They will have access to better education, healthcare, and technology than ever before. They will also be more environmentally conscious, tolerant, and entrepreneurial.

They will have the opportunity to learn and grow in ways that were not possible for previous generations. We must ensure that they have access to the resources they need to succeed, and that they are taught the values that will make them positive contributors to society.

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